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Be a Royal Today!

Being a Louisville Girl means you are part of an unstoppable sisterhood of current and former
Royals who share the courage and determination to shape the world.

5 out of 5 Rating

Choosing the right school is a big decision for your family.

Once you’ve seen our beautiful campus and met our confident and bright young women, you will know that this is the place for you to grow and shine.

Student to Faculty Ratio

Low Student to Faculty Ratio

Enables attentive teaching and learning

Average Class Size

Small Class Sizes

Allows in-depth and thorough student involvement

Zip Codes Represented

Diverse Community

Provides a true cross-section of students across the Los Angeles Basin

Community Service Hours Completed by Graduation

Service With Impact

Encourages students to make an impact on their world

What Our Students are Saying about Louisville

I transferred to Louisville the second semester of ninth grade from a public school. What I love
about Louisville is that, from my very first experience here, I felt genuinely welcomed. I quickly
was accepted into the sisterhood and community here at Louisville. Public School does not offer
the community building experience that exists here at Louisville.

– Aidan Altman ‘25

When I was applying to high school, I was overwhelmed with the whole process. Louisville was
the first school to show me that it wasn’t about the school you got into, or having the best
transcript. It was about what you wanted your high school experience to be.

– Mia Mason ‘23

I have never been happier at a school and truly think that coming to Louisville was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am surrounded by countless people that I love to pieces (all of varying grade levels), and feel so safe and surrounded with support. The past two years have been incredibly memorable and I cannot wait to experience everything in store for the next two.

– Hailey Koffman ‘24

Frequently Asked Questions


What are you looking for in an applicant?

We are looking for applicants who understand Louisville: our history, mission, and vision. We want to ensure that our applicants know us and feel that this is a community that meet their needs, as well as their family’s.


Is the H.S.P.T. (High School Placement Test) required for admission?

Louisville High School no longer requires the H.S.P.T. as part of the admissions process. All accepted students will automatically be placed into our rigorous College Preparatory-level coursework. If you wish for your daughter to be considered for Honors-level coursework, there will be subject-specific testing dates available for you to select from as part of the Application for Admission.


Do I need to be Catholic to be accepted to Louisville?

Louisville High School accepts students from all different faith traditions and backgrounds. While being Catholic is not a requirement to be admitted to Louisville, as a faith-based institution Catholic values are fully integrated through Theology courses, community attendance at monthly Mass, as well as retreats and Christian Service programs.


Once I’ve completed the application, what’s next?

Once you have fully submitted the Application for Admission, you will be given access to an online Admissions Checklist that will allow you to work your way through the admissions requirements, including sending transcript and recommendation requests, as well as self-schedule your daughter’s Admissions Interview date and time.


Will my application for Tuition Assistance affect my daughter’s admissions decision?

Neither your application for Tuition Assistance nor your Tuition Assistance decision will impact your daughter’s admissions decision. These two processes are completely separate and your financial information holds no bearing on your daughter’s acceptance to Louisville.

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