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Not interested in 8th Grade Visit Day? Please visit our Admissions Center to learn more about Louisville High School and to schedule a tour.


Join Us for 8th Grade Visit Day

There are endless opportunities at Louisville that allow you to explore passions and reveal hidden interests as you gain a true sense of direction. Join us for 8th Grade Visit Day and learn how Louisville Girls gain the confidence, integrity, and faith to make an impact on the world.

FRI, NOV 4 • 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

5 out of 5 Rating

“Coming into 8th Grade Visit Day, I felt so welcomed as if I was already a part of the Louisville sisterhood.”

– Rose Dubois ’23

Choosing the right school is a big decision for your family. Girls who attend 8th Grade Visit Day get a firsthand look at what our school offers, in the classroom and beyond.

Experience the difference that an all-girls’ high school can make in your life.


Explore our beautiful campus and tour the classrooms and outdoor spaces where teachers engage students’ creativity, sense of wonder, and intellectual curiosity.


Take part in interactive classes and activities with our dedicated faculty and incredible students.


Practice design-thinking in our Innovation Lab, get creative with the Visual Arts Department, and experience what it’s like to be a member of our award-winning Mock Trial team!


Connect with current Louisville girls and future sisters from across the Los Angeles area.

What Our Students are Saying about Louisville

When I was applying to high school, I was overwhelmed with the whole process. But during 8th Grade Visit Day at Louisville, I got a break from the hectic part of the application process and experienced what going to a high school might be like. Louisville was the first school to show me that it wasn’t about the school you got into, or having the best transcript. It was about what you wanted your high school experience to be.

– Mia Mason ‘23

During my 8th Grade Visit Day, I remember asking the student Ambassadors many questions ranging from the uniform to their overall Louisville experiences, and feeling a sense of community through their friendly and encouraging words.

– Mary Piscatella ‘24

My 8th Grade Visit Day is one of my top memories. Driving in I felt so welcomed and at the end of the day I told my parents, “This is where I want to go. I want this to be home for the next 4 years.” And so it is. I could not be prouder to say I am a Louisville Girl. Proud to be a Royal.

– Givelly Sepulveda ‘24

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should attend?

8th Grade girls are invited to attend. 


What should the girls wear?

Girls should dress appropriately for the weather: no bare midriffs, short shorts, or short skirts. Some middle schools ask that their students wear their school uniforms – please defer to their direction.


What should they bring?

Guests won’t need any school supplies, and while cell phones are acceptable for them to have on campus, they should have them turned to silent.


What COVID protocols should guests follow?

No COVID protocols are currently in place. Families may certainly wear masks if comfortable.


What if I cannot attend the 8th Grade Visit Day date?

Not a problem! Please contact the Admissions Team at Admissions@LouisvilleHS.org or (818) 346-8812.

FRI, NOV 4 • 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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